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The Meadow is a luxurious international wellness destination nestled in the sylvan vales near Rajkot New International Airport. Spread over a plush 250 acre land, it overlooks over 5 acres of magnificently picturesque landscapes, offering truly rejuvenating and invigorating indulgences combining age-old health and wellness practices.

At Meadow Nature Cure, we believe in going an extra mile to deliver excellence to our patrons. Over the years, we have successfully created a plethora of remarkable residential, commercial and government projects. The Meadow is one of our most prestigious agship projects that others holistic wellness indulgences and luxury living experiences, nestled in the lap of nature.

Naturopathy Centre in Gujarat

The Origin Of The Term Naturopathy

Naturopaths (the followers of this type of medical science) have a few theories of their own. As per their claim, it was the ancient Greek “Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates, who was actually the first advocate of naturopathic treatment medicine. They claim that this was long before the term actually existed. It was a concept that was slowly developed “naturally”. Thus recognizing it as a naturally healing process, took more time than recognizing a concept like medicinal science.

To add to that, it is believed that Naturopathy has its early roots in the 19th-century Natural Cure movement that took place in Europe. Further, Thomas Allinson started advocating his “Hygienic Medicine” in the 1880s in Scotland. In this concept, he was promoting a strictly natural diet, along with exercise. He would also propagate the avoidance of tobacco and overwork.

Next, the actual term of naturopathy was finally coined in 1895 by an individual named John Scheel. However, it was later purchased by Benedict Lust. Naturopaths consider him to be the “Father of U.S. Naturopathy”, due to his contribution to the field and its overall development. As time has gone by, there have been a lot of transitions and upgrades to this methodology. With those changes being implemented, it has now become the phenomenon that it is.

Naturopathy Centre in India

The Meadow Nature Cure

Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is a recently developed form of alternative medicine that gained prominence and was coined in the early 20th century. It was been around for a long-time now, though it was recognized just recently. The best naturopathy treatment in India employs a combination of pseudoscientific practices that are branded as “natural”, “non-invasive” or promote “self-healing”. The whole concept and methodology of naturopathy is based on the learnings of vitalism and folk medicine. A naturopathy centre in India relies more on the traditional and ancient methods, rather than evidence-based medicine (EBM). The best naturopathy treatment in India brings together a blend of Indian traditional methods with a fairly set of new modern techniques from the 19th century.

Keeping that in mind, The Meadow- Nature Cure tries to implement all the norms to be called the best naturopathy centre in India. The term “naturopathy” has its origin from a couple of words. The word “natura” (Latin root for birth) and “pathos” (the Greek root for suffering) combine together to suggest “natural healing”. As the concept suggests, the aim is to provide the best naturopathy treatment in Rajkot and India.

What Is The Honest Belief Of Naturopathy?

The whole concept of naturopathy is conceived on the belief of the body’s natural healing abilities. It focuses on therapies that can make a body grow and fight naturally, without the help of any stimulants. The best methods to exploit these qualities need the most conducive atmosphere to be created, where the body is allowed to flourish. At times, when the mind and the physical body does not have a choice, it tends to fight back and show significant responses to stimuli that otherwise would not be visible.

This is when a body is allowed to heal and grow back or recover, with conditions that help nurture and nourish in the right kind of setting. This is considered the most natural kind of treatment, as is it does not involve any kind of physical or chemical, foreign bodies being introduced. Despite that, the concept is revolving around providing significant results to the “patients” or “seekers” of a cure, to prove its true worth.

As an example, a naturopathy centre in Rajkot would try to utilize the natural heritage of the locality that can add to self-healing. The Meadow- Nature Cure tries to utilize these conditions to provide the best naturopathy treatment in Rajkot.

Understanding the surroundings and the best possible solutions to healing using unique, new and innovative ideas are the basis of this concept.

Hence, the naturopathy centre in India that can understand this and evolve, can provide the best naturopathy treatment in India.

Naturopaths are against the concept of surgeries, vaccines and any kind of intake of medicine. They rely on the concept of nature and natural medicines. They are totally against the policy of introducing new foreign bodies into the body, which they consider as toxic.

What Is The Major Difference Between Medicinal Science And Naturopathy?

The major difference between the two is that, science has a fixed set of reactions and responses and a guaranteed side-effects (less or more) to a particular treatment. This is based on the concept as to how the body will react to the foreign body that is being used as a stimulus.

On the other hand, Naturopathy tries to limit the negative side-effects, as it is a body’s natural healing that is being utilized as the biggest tool in this methodology. Further, there is a no-surgery policy and the body is given the freedom to express. This too takes place under monitored conditions of a natural habitat.

Man may be a social animal. However, he or she is still born in nature and Mother Nature is considered to be the best and safest healer of them all. Recent surveys have pushed forward this concept as a growing phenomenon across the world, with people adapting it on a more-regular basis.

Naturopathy Vs Ayurveda; Which One Is Actually Better?

While we do understand that Naturopathy allows for the consumption of raw vegetables and organic meats, Ayurveda has a different stream of thinking. The concept of Ayurveda promotes eating cooked vegetables and a vegetarian lifestyle. They believe that it is found to be easier on the digestive system.

Despite that, both the systems agree to one simple fact. The two concepts believe that healthy diets focus on the idea that the body is best equipped to process foods that are closest to nature. At the end of the day, it is nature that is the mother that gives and mankind is the child that receives these gifts of life.

What About The Best Naturopathy Treatment In Rajkot And India?

The best naturopathy treatment in India focuses on the utilization of the natural conditions of the country. The diet that one consumes plays a strong part in this as well. On the other hand, the people living within the country need to monitor and keep a check on their health from time-to-time.

This is a rather growing concept in India. It has taken the whole nation by surprise and is drawing more and more people to it. It has been competing with a lot of ancient forms of medicines that already exist within the country. The rate at which it is growing at present is quite astonishing and it is intriguing more and more people to know more about the concept and its implications in the long run.

Overall, The Meadow- Nature Cure is well equipped to provide the best naturopathy treatment in India. All you need to do is to take some time off and visit us. The whole concept and feel of a naturopathy centre in India is unlike any other and one must surely experience the trip to this unexplored paradise. Do get in touch with us and book your ticket to our naturally groomed heaven on earth!!

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